•   almost 12 years ago

Eligibility for Students in Service?

Students in Service (http://studentsinservice.org/) was an amazing part-time AmeriCorps program aimed at fostering civic engagement among higher education students, promoting the National Service movement, and encouraging positive relationships between campuses and communities. Unfortunately, CNCS suddenly terminated the program this past February 2012 due to a select few administrative issues at campuses that recently began hosting the program. None of the issues leading to the termination of the program were present at my campus. At the University of Washington, we had many incredible students receiving support from the program who were serving the community in remarkable ways. I see that the eligibility states that the awards are for current members, but given the circumstance, I'm wondering if the termination of this program in February makes us ineligible to submit an application on behalf of the excellent service impacts made by our students? We have all been so disheartened by the end of this support and feel that it would be a blessing to have this opportunity to honor the students who made significant commitments.
Thank you,
Matt Wojo


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